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Archived: Regional Internet Registries to Appeal for IPv6 Investment at OECD Conference on The Future of the Internet Economy

The longer investment is deferred, the greater the risk of Internet growth slowing down and additional costs being incurred Danger of arrested development: The cost of migrating the Internet infrastructure to IPv6 will be significant, but the cost of not making this investment will end up being far higher.

Archived: The Internet Technical Community Issues Memorandum on the Future of the Internet in a Global Economy

Members of the Internet technical community have gathered from across the globe to share knowledge and perspective on how best to safeguard Internet development and innovation with attendees of the OECD Ministerial.

Archived: IPv6 Service Deployed at Five Further Locations
Archived: RIPE NCC Publishes Analysis of Mediterranean Cable Outages
Archived: The IPV6 Challenge: RIPE NCC Warns of Arrested Development of the Internet

With almost 85% of IPV4 addresses already allocated or reserved, RIPE NCC, the network co-ordination centre for Europe, Middle East and parts of Central Asia, warns that IPv6 uptake is a must if we are to avoid 'arrested development' of Internet growth and innovation.

Archived: IPv6 Deployment Panel at ICANN Meeting, Lisbon
Archived: YouTube Hijacking: A RIPE NCC RIS case study

On Sunday, 24 February 2008, Pakistan Telecom (AS17557) started an unauthorised announcement of the prefix One of Pakistan Telecom's upstream providers, PCCW Global (AS3491) forwarded this announcement to the rest of the Internet, which resulted in the hijacking of YouTube traffic on a global scale.

Archived: IANA Introduces AAAA Record For K-root
Archived: RIPE NCC Participating in OECD Working Party on IP Addresses
Archived: RIPE NCC Makes Record Number of IPv6 Allocations