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Archived: One-Stop Website Explains Everything You Need to Know About the New Internet Protocol, IPv6

The IPv6 Act Now website is designed to appeal to everyone with an interest in IPv6, from network engineers to company directors, from law enforcement agencies to government representatives and civil society.

Archived: RIPE 58 - Meeting Report
Archived: RIPE NCC Joins Other Root Server Operators in Statement to ICANN
Archived: PAM 2001
Archived: Deployment of ASPLAIN Format in the RIPE Database
Archived: OECD Welcomes Formation of The Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC)
Archived: Independent Resource Assignments Policy: Phase One Implemented
Archived: Model Independent Assignment Request and Maintenance Agreement Now Available
Archived: Time to Deploy IPv6 - Governments Urged To Lead Progression Towards European Targets

Advisor to the European Commission, Detlef Eckert, to stress the need to deploy the new Internet protocol now and highlights importance of public sector leadership at RIPE NCC Roundtable meeting for governments and regulators.

Archived: RIPE NCC Membership Survey 2008 Results Available