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Archived: What’s The Difference Between IPv4 and IPv6
Archived: World IPv6 launch day set to aid net address switchover
Archived: 2012 and IPv6 Is Coming to Town
Archived: IPv6 Launch Countdown: 135 Days And Counting
Archived: RIPE NCC Unlocks Registration in RIPE Registry

On 8 November 2011, following an order from the Dutch police, the RIPE NCC temporarily locked four specific blocks of IPv4 addresses in the RIPE Registry to prevent any changes being made to their registration.

Archived: thinkbroadband’s Year in Review: 2011 – Highlight includes IPv6
Archived: RIPE Atlas: 1,024 Probes Now Active!
Archived: Service Interruption on LIR Portal

On Saturday, 17 December, between 09:00-18:00, the RIPE NCC will migrate more data from our current fileservers to new fileservers.

Archived: RIPE NCC RPKI Validator 2.0 Released

The RIPE NCC RPKI Validator 2.0 is a comprehensive open-source toolset for Resource Certification (RPKI) validation, enabling network operators to make better routing decisions based on RPKI data.

Archived: Scheduled maintenance

On Saturday, 3 December, from 09:00 - 18:00, the RIPE NCC will carry out scheduled maintenance on its core storage infrastructure.