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Archived: RIPE NCC Draft Activity Plan & Budget and Charging Scheme Options
Archived: RIPE NCC Keeps SY Online During Outage

The RIPE NCC operates one of three authoritative DNS name servers for Syria’s SY domain.

Archived: RIPE NCC General Meeting September 2012

The RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) September 2012 takes place on Wednesday, 26 September 2012. It will be held adjacent to the RIPE 65 Meeting, which takes place from 24-28 September 2012.

Archived: Clarification on Reallocated IPv4 Address Space Related to Dutch Police Order

As reported in previous announcements, the RIPE NCC will go to court in the Netherlands on 29 November 2012 to seek clarification on the procedure taken by the Dutch police on 8 November 2011 when it presented the RIPE NCC with a police order to "lock" registrations in the RIPE Database.

Archived: Update: Independent Internet Number Resources – Contractual Relationship Changes Between Sponsoring LIR and End User
Archived: Update: Summons of the RIPE NCC Against the State of the Netherlands

The State submitted a statement of defence on 20 June 2012, where it defended the right of the police and the prosecutor to issue orders based on Article 2 of the Police Act at their discretion and it doubted the jurisdiction of the civil court to judge them in this case.

Archived: Call for Nominations to NRO NC: RIPE NCC Service Region
Archived: Due Diligence for the Quality of the RIPE NCC Registration Data
Archived: Transfer of Internet Number Resource Records and Change of a Member’s Official Legal Name - Draft Document

The RIPE NCC has created a draft procedural document, “Transfer of Internet Number Resource Records and Change of a Member’s Official Legal Name”.

Archived: Proposal for New RIPE NCC Charging Scheme Model
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