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News and Announcements

Archived: IPv6 security: What you need to know
Archived: Renewing the network: Looking to the future
Archived: A year on: Geoff Huston takes a look with Circle ID at the past year in IPv6 deployment
Archived: The switch to IPv6 is on: Who’s out in front?
Archived: The RIPE NCC Survey 2013 is Now Online
Archived: At the current rate, IPv6 won't be fully implemented until 2148
Archived: Changes to the RIPE NCC Senior Management Team

Kaveh Ranjbar joins the RIPE NCC's Senior Management Team as Head of the Science Division.

Archived: India aims for IPv6 conversion by 2017
Archived: One Year On From The World IPv6 Launch: Who's Doing What With IPv6?
Archived: Switzerland takes the IPv6 crown