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RIPE NCC Quarterly Sanctions Transparency Report (Q2 2024) Published

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Our latest Quarterly Sanctions Transparency Report (Q2 2024) is now available. These reports provide data on how RIPE NCC members, End Users and legacy resource holders are affected by sanctions, while respecting their confidentiality and privacy.

Since our last report, one member had their non-cooperative status withdrawn.

Four members and four End Users have been identified as subject to EU sanctions that are applicable to our services and therefore their resources were frozen according to our sanctions procedure. The freezing is not necessarily due to new EU sanctions or the addition of names to already existing EU sanction regulations. As can be seen in this and prior Sanctions Transparency Reports, there are still many sanction alerts from our Sanction Screening Tool that are awaiting a conclusion after investigation. These eight members and End Users were identified while prioritising certain cases.