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News and Announcements

Amsterdam Office Closed on 1 November 2021
RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund 2021 Recipients Announced

The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund opened its call for applications in June 2021. The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund Selection Committee is happy to announce the following projects have been selected as the 2021 recipients of the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund.

Hosted DNS Application Update

Hosted DNS Application Update

New RIPE Atlas Sponsorship Opportunities
IPv6 Security Expert Exam and Online Course Launched

RIPE NCC Certified Professionals has launched its third exam – IPv6 Security Expert, which certifies the capability of designing a high-level strategy to protect an IPv6 network against common threats.

Statement on Supporting the Internet Number Registry System

RIPE NCC's statement on supporting the Internet Number Registry system.

Office Opening Hours on Friday, 10 September
Participate in the Membership Consultation on Charging Scheme Principles

The RIPE NCC Executive Board has decided to consult with the membership on the principles that should apply to the charging scheme model we will use in the coming years.

NRO NC Call for Nominations

Call for nominations to fill one seat on the NRO NC.

Statement of the Number Resource Organization on Allegations Against AFRINIC

It has come to the attention of the Number Resource Organization (“NRO”) that certain members of the Internet community have expressed concerns regarding AFRINIC, the Regional Internet Registry (“RIR”) for Africa, and its operations. Through messages posted on various community mailing lists, allegations have been made against AFRINIC and the performance of its duties as an RIR. While the issues raised are best resolved by the RIR at issue, the NRO provides the following statement to the global Internet community.