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News and Announcements

RIPE NCC Executive Board Role Changes

At the 119th RIPE NCC Executive Board Meeting on 14 September 2018, the Board agreed to a change in the functions of its members following the addition of two new Board members at the RIPE NCC General Meeting May 2018.

118th and 119th RIPE NCC Executive Board Meetings

The RIPE NCC Executive Board held their 118th Meeting on 7 September 2018 and its 119th Meeting on 14 September 2018.

Draft RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2019

The Draft RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2019 is now available for review.

Changes to Out-of-Region Objects in the RIPE Database

On 4 September 2018, we implemented changes to the way out-of-region ROUTE objects are managed and represented in the RIPE Database.

RIPE NCC Roundtable Meeting with Europol

Yesterday, on 5 September 2018, we attended a roundtable meeting hosted by Europol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) in the Hague.

RIPE NCC Receives /22 from IANA's Recovered Pool

On 4 September 2018, the RIPE NCC and the other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) were each allocated the equivalent of a /22 of IPv4 address space from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

NRO NC Elections 2018: Call for Nominations

This is a call for nominations from the RIPE NCC service region to fill one vacant seat on the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC).

OGERO Inaugurates IPv6 Deployment in Lebanon in Collaboration with the RIPE NCC

Three-day training and one day stakeholders’ meeting brings together network operators to share expertise facilitating IPv6 deployment

RIPE NCC Office Closed - Friday, 13 July at 15:30
RIPE Community's Feedback Supplied to ITU Study Group 20

The IPv6 Working Group recently evaluated a draft Recommendation from an ITU Study Group on IPv6 addressing for the Internet of Things.