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RIPE NCC Introduces Online IPv6 Course for Academics

It’s a proud time for us here at the RIPE NCC. Our expert teams have established a blended learning program for the American University of Beirut (AUB). The RIPE NCC’s online course, Introduction to IPv6, will be part of the university’s academic course curriculum.

This course is now accessible to undergraduates via the AUB e-learning platform and the RIPE NCC Academy. Computer Science students will complete the first pilot course this December.

Are you part of a technical faculty?

Join the future of e-learning opportunities. We’re inviting technical universities, colleges, and private/public institutions to participate. For more information about how we can collaborate, please contact us.

Last year, at the RIPE 75 Meeting in Dubai, we were pleased to sign an MoU with AUB. This demonstrated the development of our relationships in the Middle East and started this valued collaboration.

Want to learn?

You can find more information about and our online courses on our Training Services webpages.You can also find news about upcoming webinars, tutorials, workshops and face-to-face training days near you.

 The RIPE community and the RIPE NCC have recognised the value in the global accessibility of e-learning. Our team is contributing to global professional development. They have enjoyed advancing our e-learning portfolio with relevant and engaging courses. Make sure you keep an eye on all our social platforms for the latest course announcements and credential opportunities.


Since1992, when learning delivery was limited mainly to blackboard and textbook, the RIPE NCC teams have been responsible for a variety of training activities. We’ve been able to facilitate and grow our services for Internet users and providers for over 25 years. This exciting next step allows us to support the Internet community with modern e-learning solutions. It also supports the development of the community and the next generation of people who will ensure it continues to thrive.