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RIPE Database Webupdates

You’re viewing an archived page. It is no longer being updated.

Webupdates, a web based graphical user interface for updating the RIPE Database, is now available. It provides a graphical user interface, with the functionality for:

  • Adding/deleting/editing objects,
  • Adding/deleting/changing the order of attributes in an object,
  • Providing password based authentication for updating.

The web based graphical user interface for updating the RIPE Database is accessible from the following urls:

For updating the RIPE Database:

For updating the RIPE TEST Database: or

Since the latest prototype, the following improvements have been introduced:

  • A help page for using the interface has been added.
  • source: fields of new objects are now prefilled.
  • It is now possible to add new fields more easily via the '+' icon.
  • It is now possible to manipulate multi-line fields.
  • There are now links for querying the database and the copyright information.

Your feedback is important to us. Please send any comments, suggestions, questions and criticisms to dbtools _at_ ripe _dot_ net .

We also provide help via e-mail through working hours. You can communicate your problems and questions about the service to ripe-dbm _at_ ripe _dot_ net .

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