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Prototype of RPSLng Whois Server

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28 June 2004 - The RIPE NCC provides an RPSLng prototype Whois Database server at, port 53001. The prototype RPSLng whois server has been updated to implement the latest Internet Draft of the RPSLng effort.

The RPSLng prototype Whois Database server holds a snapshot of the RIPE Database and can be updated by sending mails to:
rpslng-auto _at_ ripe _dot_ net .

You should keep in mind that this database is for test purposes only, updates to this prototype are not made in the 'real' RIPE Database and are not saved.

The prototype RPSLng server was put into production in May 2003. We refreshed the contents of the prototype database using a recent snapshot from the live RIPE Database. We kept the ROUTE6 objects, as well as AUT-NUM objects with "mp-*" attributes, while refreshing the contents.

The optional list of prefixes between the '{' and '}' in the "mnt-routes:" attributes of AUT-NUM and ROUTE6 objects has not been implemented. This functionality, as described in the Internet Draft of the RPSLng, will be added later.

Up-to-date details can be found at:

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