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General Meeting October 2017 - Registration Open

The RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) will take place from 24-26 October 2017 in the Conrad Dubai Hotel, United Arab Emirates, adjacent to the RIPE 75 Meeting. The GM begins with presentation of the reports from the RIPE NCC in the RIPE NCC Services Working Group at 16:00 UTC+4. The formal, members-only section of the GM starts immediately after the working group session.

The GM is where RIPE NCC members can discuss the operations and activities of the RIPE NCC. At the upcoming GM, RIPE NCC members will discuss:

  • The Draft RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2018
  • Redistribution of the RIPE NCC surplus/deficit to the membership (to be voted on)
  • Amendments to the RIPE NCC Articles of Association and Conflict Arbitration Procedure (to be voted on)
  • Reports from the RIPE NCC Executive Board and RIPE NCC Management

All relevant documents will be posted and announced to the membership by 26 September 2017.

Register now for the GM by setting your GM preferences.

The RIPE NCC and its Executive Board looks forward to your participation.

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