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Call for Nominations for Members of the Address Council of ICANN - RIPE NCC Service Region

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This is a call for nominations of individuals to serve as members of the Address Council, a body that is to be established under the authority of the Address Supporting Organisation (ASO) of ICANN.

This document describes the process that will be followed in the selection of Address Council members. If you are interested in nominating an individual, or if you are interested in being nominated as a member of the Address Council, please read through the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and this document carefully.

1. The Address Supporting Organisation

The ASO will be created though a MoU that will be executed between the current Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and ICANN. The latest version of this MoU is available under the ICANN and ASO current issues section on the RIPE NCC Web site at:

Section 2(a) of the MoU provides a framework for the regional selection procedure of Address Council members. Due to additional time constraints set by the current ICANN board the schedule proposed in section 2(a) cannot be realised. Therefore in accordance with section 2(a)(v) a modified procedure will be followed to select the initial Address Council members with emphasis on openness and transparency.

The RIPE NCC Association has chosen to make use of the existing open processes in their region to select Address Council members. The selection of the Address Council members will take place at the first following RIPE Meeting scheduled to take place from 21-24 September 1999 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In accordance with section 2(a)(v) the definition of the selection procedure will be part of the Local Internet Registry Working Group (Local IR WG) meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 22 September 1999 at 14:00 at the upcoming RIPE meeting. This working group has traditionally served as the RIPE NCC's IP address related policy making forum and is open to all interested parties.

The actual selection will take place at the RIPE 34 Meeting - Plenary session to be held on Thursday, 23 September 1999 starting at 14:00. Further information about the upcoming RIPE Meeting can be found at:

2. Address Council Nominations Process

Three individuals from the RIPE NCC Region will be selected to serve as initial members of the Address Council. The selection will be made from the set of individuals who have been nominated within this process.

Any individual may be nominated within this process, with the exception of any staff member of any Regional Internet Registry. Self-nominations are permitted.

Nominations are to be sent by email to:

nominations _at_ ripe _dot_ net

The information included with the nomination is to be in English, and should include:

  • Name of Nominee
  • Organisation
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address
  • Phone Number
  • Motivation for Nomination

All nominations are to be emailed to the above address on or before Sunday, 19 September 1999.

All nominees will be contacted via email to confirm their willingness to serve as an Address Council member. If the nominee cannot be contacted via email then the nomination will not be confirmed.

All confirmed nominations will be listed on the RIPE NCC Web site as soon as they are confirmed.

Important Dates:

  • 19 September 1999: deadline for Address Council nominations
  • 21-24 September 1999: RIPE Meeting 34 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Kind Regards,

Keith Mitchell, Chairman, RIPE NCC Executive Board
Rob Blokzijl, Chairman, RIPE

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