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RIPE NCC Member Update

The RIPE NCC Member Update provides members with up-to-date articles, statistics and news about the RIPE NCC’s services and activities. The purpose is to keep members informed about the latest developments in the RIPE NCC’s membership, coordination and Internet measurement activities.
RIPE NCC Member Update: August 2020

1. What We're Doing For You -- Your LIR Stats -- Executive Board Election Task Force -- Webinars - September 2020 -- IPv6 Fundamentals - Analyst Exam 2. Your Technical Update 3. What's Happening in Our Community? 4. Join Us for These Virtual Events -- MENOG 20 -- RIPE 81 -- RIPE NCC General Meeting -- ENOG 17

RIPE NCC Member Update: July 2020

1. What We’re Doing for You -- Your LIR Stats -- New RIPE Chair and Vice Chair -- Executive Board Election Task Force -- Moderating members-discuss -- RIPE NCC and CITC Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) -- RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund - Call for Applications 2020 -- Webinars and Remote Learning Sessions August-September 2020 -- Coming Soon: IPv6 Fundamentals - Analyst badge! 2. Your Technical Update -- RPKI: Krill Gains Powerful ROA Management Based on BGP Routing 3. What’s Happening in Our Community? -- “Let’s Go Virtual!”: Reflections on a Community Discussion -- What the Digital Services Act Means for All of Us: A Community Discussion -- LACNIC Inter-RIR Transfer Policy Implemented 4. Join Us for These Meetings and Events -- RIPE NCC Open House: Internet in Kazakhstan -- RIPE 81: Call For Presentations -- ENOG 17: Call For Presentations

RIPE NCC Member Update: June 2020

-- Your LIR Stats -- End of the Payment Period Extension -- IPv4 Transfer Listing Service -- Sanctions and the RIPE NCC: Status Update -- RIPE NCC::Educa IPv6-only -- IPv6 Job Task Analysis -- Learn Online -- Locked Person Objects Cleanup -- From Zero to RPKI Hero -- New Beta RIPEstat UI -- EuroDIG 2020 Live Blog -- COVID-19: Changing the Internet Governance Landscape -- IPv6 Adoption Statistics: a Comparison of Different Metrics -- RIPE 80: How We Built a Zoom Alternative with AWS -- Report from the First Virtual RIPE NCC Hackathon -- Focus on: the Cooperation Working Group -- ENOG 17 -- RIPE 81 -- SEE 9

RIPE NCC Member Update: May 2020

-- Your LIR Stats -- Hans Petter Holen starts as RIPE NCC’s new Managing Director -- RIPE NCC General Meeting Results -- What Happened at RIPE 80? -- Working Together While Apart -- Learn Online -- Usability Testing -- RPKI Update -- From REX to RIPEstat: a Look at the Past and the Challenges Ahead -- Cleaning Up Locked Person Objects in the RIPE Database -- RIPE Chair Selection - Next Steps -- Your EU Regulation Update: May 2020 Edition -- RIPE Chair Commitments -- Academic and NREN Session -- DNS Working Group Remote Sessions -- Focus on: the IPv6 Working Group -- Virtual Member Lunches

RIPE NCC Member Update: April 2020

-- Your LIR Stats -- RIPE NCC General Meeting, 13-15 May 2020 -- RIPE NCC Executive Board Minutes -- Sanctions and the RIPE NCC -- Payment Period Extended due to COVID-19 -- RIPE NCC Certified Professionals is live! -- Learn Online -- Focus on: Membership Mailing Lists -- New AS Number Blocks Allocated to the RIPE NCC -- Improving Security of the API Key Management in the LIR Portal -- RIPEstat Updates -- Southeast Europe Country Report -- COVID-19 and the Internet -- The RIPE NCC's Use of Zoom for Meetings -- Do We Need a New IP? -- RIPE 80, 12-14 May 2020 -- RIPE 82 will take place in Berlin -- Virtual Member Lunches

RIPE NCC Member Update: March 2020

-- Training Courses -- Meetings Postponed -- RIPE 80 Will Be a Virtual Meeting -- Your LIR Stats -- Hans Petter Holen Appointed as the RIPE NCC's Managing Director -- RIPE NCC General Meeting, 13-15 May 2020 -- The RIPE NCC Academy -- TRA Oman Host Capacity-building Workshop in Oman -- RIPEstat -- What’s the Deal with IPv6 Link-Local Addresses? -- Hackathons in the Time of Corona -- Reporting back from 36c3: Resource Exhaustion -- Focus on: the Anti-Abuse Working Group

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: February 2020

-- Council of Europe Partnership -- IPv6 Deployment in Jordan -- RIPE Atlas Software Probes -- The Debogonisation of 2a10::/12 -- Results of the Pan-European Quantum Internet Hackathon

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: January 2020

-- Your LIR Stats -- RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2020 -- RIPE NCC Billing Procedure 2020 -- De-bogonising 2a10::/12 -- RIPE NCC Academy reopens on 27 January! -- Improved RIPE Database Web Application -- Your Upcoming Webinars

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: December 2019

-- Your LIR Stats -- We’re Looking for our Next MD -- December Deadline for Closure Updates -- We're Revamping the RIPE NCC Academy -- Our Approach to the Cloud -- Germany Country Report -- Celebrating 10,000 RPKI Certificates -- Improved RIPEstat SEO and Sharing Link Previews -- New RIPEstat Widgets Developed by APNIC's NetOX Team -- RIPE NomCom Announced -- Call for RIPE Chair and Vice Chair is Open -- RACI: Apply Now

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: November 2019

-- Your LIR Stats -- IPv4 Run-out -- RIS Live is Live -- Mail Filtering - Rethinking Our Reliance on RBLs -- Your EU Regulation Update: October 2019 Edition -- Register for Webinars -- December Deadline for Closure Updates -- What Happened at RIPE 79?