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RIPE NCC Member Update

The RIPE NCC Member Update provides members with up-to-date articles, statistics and news about the RIPE NCC’s services and activities. The purpose is to keep members informed about the latest developments in the RIPE NCC’s membership, coordination and Internet measurement activities.
RIPE NCC Member Update: April 2017

- RIPE NCC Annual Report 2016 - RIPEstat Geoloc History Widget - RIPE NCC Executive Board Election - TraceMON - Country Focus on Russia, Oman, Iraq - Cleaning Up Unused AS Numbers - ENOG 13 - RIPE Database Web Interface

RIPE NCC Member Update: March 2017

Member Lunches - General Meeting May 2017 - Executive Board Election - Country Focus on RIPE Labs - RIPEstat Looking Glass Widget - Historical Data Cleanup - IPv6 Best Practices - RIPE Resource Transfer Policies

RIPE NCC Member Update: February 2017

- Membership Pages - Member Lunches - DNS Measurements Hackathon - Law Enforcement Agency Requests - IPv6 RIPEness in 2017 - Ethics in Network Measurements - RIPE Fellowship Programme

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: January 2017

- Redistribution of 2016 Surplus - Reverse DNS Wizard - 2017 Member Lunches - LIR Contact Migration - Routing History Widget - Email Tagging

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: December 2016

- Rob Blokzijl Foundation - New Invoicing Process for 2017 - Probe Deployment Widget - Accountability Task Force

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: November 2016

- LIR Training Course - Simplifying Contact Management in the LIR Portal - New Online Payment System - Invoicing Process 2017

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: October 2016
RIPE NCC Member Update: September 2016
Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: August 2016
Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: July 2016