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Reaching the Last /8 - Transparency, Fairness and Consistency

The RIPE NCC's principles of fairness, consistency and transparency were crucial in the run-up to reaching the last /8.


The RIPE NCC published a regularly updated chart which showed the amount of available IPv4 address space in the pool.


When the last few IPv4 assignments and allocations were made before the RIPE NCC had to start allocating IPv4 address space from the last /8, it was imperative that they were made in the correct order. To ensure that no request was handled outside of the order it was received in, a new system for dealing with IPv4 requests was implemented.


Due diligence and consistency are always the RIPE NCC's highest priority. When there was one month's supply or a /10 of IPv4 address space in addition to the last /8, the RIPE NCC's IP Resource Analysts (IPRAs) began to work in pairs while evaluating IPv4 requests. This minimised the risk of inconsistencies.

During this period, an artificial approval delay of one working day for all IPv4 requests was introduced. This delay enabled us to double check that all requests for IPv4 space were evaluated correctly. Approvals were then made in the order in which requests were received.

IPv4 assignments and allocations were made in the morning on the next working day after the evaluation was completed.