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Network Operators and ISPs

The RIPE NCC is now allocating address space from the last /8. This means that IPv4 address space will be allocated according to section 5.1 of "IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region". This section states that a RIPE NCC member may receive a one time /22 allocation (1,024 IPv4 addresses), even if they can justify a larger allocation. No new IPv4 Provider Independent (PI) space will be assigned.

It is now imperative that network operators deploy IPv6 as soon as possible to ensure that their customers can access the future Internet and that their own networks remain reachable. Those ISPs who do not invest in timely IPv6 deployment on their networks may find attracting new customers difficult, and may begin to lose existing customers who wish to proceed with their own IPv6 deployment.

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