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Last /8 Phases

The diagram below outlines the three phases of reaching the last /8. Please also see the RIPE NCC's principles of transparency, fairness and consistency

Phase 2: Now

We are now assigning IPv4 address space from the last /8. We entered this phase on 14 September 2012.

Phase 1: 4 September 2012 - critically low levels of available IPv4 address space:

  • When our available IPv4 pool reached a critically low level (± one month's supply or one /10 of available space in addition to the last /8), our IPRAs began to work in pairs to ensure that all requests were dealt with efficiently and to further ensure fairness, consistency and transparency
  • Our call back procedure changed. Calls to requestors were returned only when their ticket was at the front of the request queue. This ensured that no ticket was handled outside of the order it was received in

Phase 0

  • Requests for IPv4 address space were routed to a dedicated wait queue
  • IPv4 address space was only assigned or allocated when an evaluation was complete. No address space was set aside or reserved during the evaluation period
  • Requests for IPv4 space were handled in strict order of receipt by the next available IP Resource Analyst (IPRA) rather than assigned to an individual IPRA. Our IPRAs performed additional internal checks to ensure that each request for IPv4 space was handled consistently