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The RIPE NCC is now allocating IPv4 address space from the last /8 of IPv4 address space that it holds. This means that IPv4 address space is now being allocated according to section 5.1 of "IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region". This section states that RIPE NCC members may receive only a /22 allocation (1,024 IPv4 addresses), even if they can justify a larger allocation.

The only way to ensure that the future Internet is reachable for all is to deploy IPv6 on your networks now; you have a leading and crucial role in this process.

Government organisations are influential forces for Internet growth. Leading by example, they play an important part in supporting the deployment of IPv6. Where governments encourage a landscape for sustainable Internet development, the private sector will follow.

If government organisations fail to make their services accessible via IPv6, many members of the public may be unable to access vital public services as their computer won't be able to connect with the government's IPv4-only network.

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