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ripe-456: ripe-304: AS Number Request Form

delete: <img src="./resolveuid/1f075ef0-1420-4b37-95a9-b77d6721138b" alt="" class="image-inline" title="" data-val="1f075ef0-1420-4b37-95a9-b77d6721138b" data-linktype="image" /> delete: </p> delete: <pre> delete: <br /> % AS Number Request Form delete: <br /> delete: <br /> % RIPE NCC members (LIRs) and Direct Assignment Users can use this form delete: <br /> % to request an Autonomous System (AS) Number. For instructions on how to delete: <br /> % complete this form see: delete: <br /> %"Supporting Notes for the Autonomous System Number Request Form" delete: <br /> % delete: <a class="external-link" href=""> delete: </a> delete: <br /> % delete: <br /> % Please note that the End User should have a signed "End User delete: <br /> % Assignment Agreement" with either the sponsoring LIR or the RIPE NCC. delete: <br /> delete: <br /> #[GENERAL INFORMATION]# delete: <br /> % delete: <br /> % Please add your RegID delete: <br /> delete: <br /> request-type: as-number delete: <br /> form-version: 1.2 delete: <br /> x-ncc-regid: delete: <br /> delete: <br /> #[AS NUMBER USER]# delete: <br /> % delete: <br /> % Who will use the AS Number being requested? delete: <br /> delete: <br /> legal-organisation-name: delete: <br /> website-if-available: delete: <br /> delete: <br /> % Is this request being sent by a sponsoring LIR on behalf of an delete: <br /> % End User? (Yes/No) delete: <br /> delete: <br /> end-user-of-sponsoring-lir: delete: <br /> delete: <br /> % If yes, please confirm that the "End User Assignment Agreement" delete: <br /> % contains all of the elements listed in paragraph 2.0 of delete: <br /> % "Contractual Requirements for Provider Independent Resource Holders delete: <br /> % in the RIPE NCC Service Region". (Yes/No) delete: <br /> delete: <br /> confirmation: delete: <br /> delete: <br /> #[ADDRESS SPACE TO BE ANNOUNCED]# delete: <br /> % delete: <br /> % Which address prefix will originate from the new AS number? delete: <br /> delete: <br /> prefix: delete: <br /> delete: <br /> % If the address assignment is waiting for approval, please delete: <br /> % include the ticket number of the request below. delete: <br /> delete: <br /> pending-ticket-ID: delete: <br /> delete: <br /> #[PEERING CONTACTS]# delete: <br /> % delete: <br /> % Please list the email contact addresses of peering delete: <br /> % partners for the requested AS Number. delete: <br /> delete: <br /> peering: delete: <br /> peering: delete: <br /> delete: <br /> #[SUPPLEMENTAL COMMENTS]# delete: <br /> % delete: <br /> % Please add more information if you think it will help us understand delete: <br /> % this request. delete: <br /> delete: <br /> delete: <br /> delete: <br /> % If you require a 16-bit AS Number instead of a 32-bit AS Number, delete: <br /> % please indicate this below and tell us why. For more information, delete: <br /> % see delete: <br /> delete: <br /> AS Number Type: 32-bit [change as required] delete: <br /> delete: <br /> Why 16-bit: delete: <br /> delete: <br /> #[SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION]# delete: <br /> % delete: <br /> % If this request is being sent by a sponsoring LIR on behalf of delete: <br /> % an End User, please attach a copy of the signed delete: <br /> % "End User Assignment Agreement" and the company registration papers delete: <br /> % of the End User. delete: <br /> % You can also attach a network diagram or other supporting documentation. delete: <br /> % delete: <br /> % Have you attached any files/documents to this request? (Yes/No) delete: <br /> delete: <br /> file-attached: delete: <br /> delete: <br /> #[DATABASE TEMPLATE(S)]# delete: <br /> % delete: <br /> % Please complete all of the fields below delete: <br /> delete: <br /> aut-num: ASNEW delete: <br /> as-name: <add name for the AS> delete: <br /> descr: <add AS Number User name> delete: <br /> org: <add org-ID> delete: <br /> import: <specify the outgoing routing policy for the first peer> delete: <br /> export: <specify the incoming routing policy for the first peer> delete: <br /> import: <specify the outgoing routing policy for the second peer> delete: <br /> export: <specify the incoming routing policy for the second peer> delete: <br /> admin-c: <add nic-handle of administrative contact> delete: <br /> tech-c: <add nic-handle of technical contact> delete: <br /> mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-END-MNT delete: <br /> mnt-by: <add mntner name> delete: <br /> mnt-routes: <add mntner name> delete: <br /> changed: [email protected] delete: <br /> source: RIPE delete: <br /> delete: <br /> #[END of REQUEST]# delete: </pre> delete: <p> delete: <img src="./resolveuid/93c82862-6241-4309-8d0f-9d4355eeded7" alt="" class="image-inline" title="" data-val="93c82862-6241-4309-8d0f-9d4355eeded7" data-linktype="image" /> delete: </p>

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