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RIPE Meeting: 48
Working Group: Routing
Status: Final
Revision Number: 1

RIPE48, Amsterdam
Routing Working Group - 5 May 2004; 09:00-10:30

A. Preliminaries
Joao Damas, ISC

Afternoon session cancelled
Participants' list
Volunteering of scribe
James Aldridge, RIPE NCC
Jabber/IRC interface
Question to WG whether NCC should provide Jabber "scribe"
ACTION: R48.1 - RIPE NCC to investigate this possibility for
Agenda bashing
No additional items
RIPE 47 minutes
circulated shortly after R47
No comments -> final minutes
Actions from earlier meetings

B. Global network mobility
John Bender & Don Bowman, "Connexion by Boeing"

<Link to presentation still awaited>

What is "Connexion by Boeing"? An 802.11b "hot spot" ~10 km above the
earth, travelling at 900 km/hr :-)

John and Don gave an overview of Boeing's Internet in the Air offering
and some of the technical aspects of its design and operation.

Questions from WG:
- Simon Leinen: What about prefix-length filtering? (offline discussion
- Iljitsch van Beijnum: Have scalability issues been taken into
account? (yes)
You're doing all the things you're not supposed to do ;-)
alternatives to avoid deaggregation, etc?
- Joao Damas: Address policy aspects of using one /24 per aircraft?
- large aircraft but not just for passengers.
RF interferance aspects? Certified!

C. Routing Workshop report
Goetz Lichtwald, Universitat Karlsruhe: (20 min)


A brief summary of the 2nd Inter-Domain Routing Workshop (IDRWS) held
at the RIPE NCC's offices the weekend before RIPE48.

D. RIPE NCC: RIS update
Matthew Williams (20 min)


Matthew presented an update on the RIPE NCC's Routing Information
Service project.

E. Raising RPSLng Awareness
Carlos Friacas

- Importance of RPSLng
- Current status
- What do we need?
- Open Issues
- stabilisation of draft (going to last call)
- whoisd / IRR toolset / ...
ACTION: R48.2 - RIPE NCC (Shane/SED) to notify community of
IRR Toolset (etc.) development schedule

F. Demo of BGPlay
Lorenzo Colitti, RIPE NCC/Uni. Roma Tre


Lorenzo demonstrated "BGPlay", a tool developed at the University of
Roma Tre and hosted at the RIPE NCC to visualise BGP update actvity.

Y. General I/O with Other WGs


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