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Minutes of the RIPE 27 IPv6 working group thursday may 27
The meeting is chaired by Francis Dupont.
The chair excused himself before the meeting.
1: Administrative stuff
2: Reports
- 6Bone
- routing
- Implementations
3: RIPE and address assignment
4: Other WG
- IPv6 DB object
5: Any other business
1: Administrative stuff
The audience has no additions to the Agenda
2: Reports
- 6Bone
Francis gives a short overview of the current status of
the 6Bone. He refers to the information on for more detailed information.
Francis gives a short overview of what happened at the
IETF meetings on IPv6
- After long discussions the proposal by Mike O'Dell
on addressing schemes (8+8, JSE) has been withdrawn by
There is now a new draft on addressing:
This draft proposes a addressing scheme that is
optimized for aggregation.
This draft is supposed to replace RFC2073 on provider
based addressing.
- Routing
Currently there are draft proposals and beta implementations for
three dynamic routing protocols
with support for IPng.

there is an RFC and is widely used on the 6Bone
there is a draft proposal.
there is a draft proposal by Tony Bates from
Cisco and there is a beta implementation by
Cisco already implemented and running on core routers in the
- Implementations
No news on new implementations
- RIPE and address assignment.
[Francis I couldn't here what you had to tell here !!! ]
- Other WG

- DB
The Ipv6 DB object.
Francis stresses the importance of the RIPE IPv6 registration
database since routing on the 6Bone is still not as dynamic as
we would like.
According to Francis Dupont there has been a IPv6 demonstration
at the last JENC conference in Edinburg. On his question to the
audience if anybody had seen this and could tell something about
it, nobody reacted.

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