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RIPE Meeting: 47
Working Group: IPv6
Status: Final
Revision Number: 1

Minutes for the IPv6 Working Group Meeting RIPE-47

When: 14:00 - 15:30, Tuesday January 27, 2004
Where: St Johns II, Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam

A. Administrative stuff
Scribe: Timothy Lowe (RIPE NCC)
Attendees: 132

B. Ranges of ipv6 addresses and their use (Jeroen Massar)

C. Global IPv6 routing table status (Gert Doering)

D. Report(s) about *actual* v6 traffic volume as compared to v4
- Tunnel Detection Tool (Lorenzo Colitti, RIPE NCC, TTM project)

- IPv6 Network Management (Bernard Tuy)

E. Operational issues with IPv6: RPSLng testing, policy issues, filtering practices, peering
(Simon Leinen, Swiss IPv6 task force & ops group)

F. Developments/initiatives regarding IPv6 in the RIPE region and beyond - latest IPv6 Land Speed Record (Edoardo Martelli (CERN))

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