WG Chair Biographies

Anti-Abuse Working Group Chair Biographies

Brian Nisbet

Brian Nisbet is Co-chair of the RIPE Anti-Abuse Working Group. He's been an active member of the RIPE community and the Anti-Abuse Working Group since RIPE 49.

He's passionate about the Internet being an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone, and network abuse is completely antithetical to that goal.

Brian’s day job is as Network Operations Manager for HEAnet, the Irish National Research and Education Network, and he is the Chair of the NOC Special Interest Group (SIG-NOC) for the European academic networking community. He is also the Working Group Chairs representative to the RIPE PC.

Markus de Brün

Markus graduated with a diploma in computer science from RWTH Aachen University. Since 2008, he has worked for the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as a technical officer.

In his job, he is engaged in various Internet-related topics on an everyday basis. Beside abuse, these include DDoS attacks, policy discussions and protocols, particularly DNS and IPv6.

He joined the RIPE community around RIPE 62 and is a regular participant in the IETF as well as a member of the ISOC German Chapter.

Tobias Knecht

With over 20 years in the security industry Tobias, CEO and Founder of Abusix, is a thought leader and the main driver of several initiatives that help the industry to keep the Internet safe.

Tobias is co-chair of the Anti-Abuse Working Group at RIPE and chairs several other initiatives and various organisations.