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RIPE-28 TLD-WG Meeting Summary

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About the Meeting

  • 64 participants


  • Chair: Niall O'Reilly


  • Scribe: Niall Murphy
  • 11 agenda points


  • 5 actions from RIPE-27: 4 closed, 1 kept open


  • 3 new actions


  • Terms of reference approved


  • Workplan amended and prioritised


  • Priorities:
    1. Stability of IANA and of root of name system
    2. Documentation and Standardisation
    3. gTLD's


New Actions

Reference Responsible Description
TLD-28.1 Task Force Document proposed structure for support of management of DNS root
TLD-28.2 RIPE-NCC Develop proposal for TLD Co-ordination activity
TLD-28.3 Chair Alert TLD Administrators to DOC/NTIA enquiry and POC RFC's