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Policy Proposals

Assigning IPv6 PA to Every LIR

2008-02: With the acceptance of this policy RIPE NCC will run a one-time operation to allocate an IPv6 block to every LIR that does not have any existing IPv6 holdings.

Assigning IPv6 PI to Every INETNUM Holder

2008-01: With the acceptance of this policy, the RIPE NCC will conduct a one-time operation to assign a /56 IPv6 PI prefix to all End Users with an IPv4 assignment registered in the RIPE Database.

End Policy for IANA IPv4 Allocations to RIRs

2007-07: This proposal seeks to provide the solutions to the problems in terms of address management which may arise if no measures are taken for IPv4 address exhaustion.

Global Policy for the Allocation of the Remaining IPv4 Address Space

2007-06: This policy describes the process for the allocation of the remaining IPv4 space from IANA to the RIRs. When a minimum amount of available space is reached, an identical number of IPv4 allocation units (/8s) will be allocated from IANA to each RIR, replacing the current IPv4 allocation policy.

Proposal to Amend the IPv6 Assignment and Utilisation Requirement Policy

2005-08: To amend the RIPE IPv6 address allocation policies regarding the definition of the default size of End Site allocations, the threshold value for End Site allocation efficiency, and the method of calculation of the End Site allocation efficiency metric.

IPv4 Countdown Policy

2007-03: This policy proposal proposes four general principles, which will be needed to accomplish the smooth termination of IPv4 address allocation.

IANA Policy for Allocation of ASN Blocks to RIRs

2007-04: IANA Policy for Allocation of ASN Blocks to RIRs. This This proposal is to have a global policy for the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) to receive blocks of Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

Change in IP Assignments for Anycasting DNS Policy

2007-02: Change in IP Assignments for Anycasting DNS Policy. This proposal suggested that there should no longer be a requirement to be a ccTLD or a gTLD to receive IPv4 and IPv6 assignments for anycasting DNS.

IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy

2006-02: IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy. This proposal is to change the IPv6 Initial Allocation criteria and the End Site definition in the "IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy".

First Raise in IPv4 Assignment Window Size

2006-07: First Raise in IPv4 Assignment Window Size. This proposal suggests the Assignment Window (AW) available to new LIRs should automatically be raised from zero (0) to /21 (2,048 IPv4 addresses) six months after they receive their first allocation. Because the sub-allocation policy references the AW policy, the sub-allocation policy also needs to be updated. This proposal suggests that the maximum sub-allocation should be kept at /20 (4,096 IPv4 addresses).

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