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Policy Proposals

Global Policy State in RIPE PDP

2010-03: This proposal would have modified the RIPE Policy Development Process to create a new state that is specific to global policies. This state was "Accepted pending consensus in other RIR communities." This would have allowed a global policy to be further discussed in the event that modifications are made in other RIR communities after acceptance in RIPE

Global Policy for the Allocation of IPv4 blocks to Regional Internet Registries

2009-01: With the depletion of the IANA free pool of IPv4 address space, the current policy regarding the allocation of IPv4 address space to the RIRs will become moot. The RIRs may, according to their individual policies and procedures, recover IPv4 address space. This policy provides a mechanism for the RIRs to retro allocate the recovered IPv4 address space to the IANA and provides the IANA the policy by which it can allocate it back to the RIRs on a needs basis. This policy creates a new global pool of IPv4 address space that can be allocated where it is needed on a global basis without a transfer of address space between the RIRs.

80% Rule Ambiguity Cleanup

2010-04: This proposal is to solve the ambiguity in the current wording of the IPv4 Allocation Policy (ripe-492) regarding the "80% utilisation" rule.

Ensuring Efficient Use of Historical IPv4 Resources

2008-07: This was a proposal to require documentation of all address resources held when assessing a RIPE NCC member's eligibility for further IPv4 address space.

Adding Reference to Sponsoring LIR in inetnum, inet6num and aut-num objects

2010-10: This is a proposal to add a reference to sponsoring LIR in inetnum, inet6num and aut-num objects to increase the possibility of abuse tracking and handling.

Frequent Update Request

2010-09: This proposal suggests to have the minimum assignment size for PI assignments to be a /24 when routing is a major issue for a multihoming End User.

Allocations from the last /8

2010-02: This proposal describes how the RIPE NCC should distribute IPv4 address space from the final /8 address block it receives from the IANA. The proposal only discusses PA allocations; any other type of allocation or assignment is out of scope for this proposal.

Ambiguity cleanup on IPv6 Address Space Policy for IXP

2010-07: Ambiguity cleanup on IPv6 Address Space Policy for IXP. This proposal aims to clarify an ambiguous definition in ripe-451, "IPv6 Address Space Policy for Internet Exchange Points", regarding the requirements to join an IXP. The ambiguity lies in the use of the phrase "open policy for others to join" in the definition of the IXP framework. Any restriction to IPv6 deployment that arises from policies on joining IXPs could be counterproductive.

Registration Requirements for IPv6 End User Assignments

2010-06: Registration Requirements for IPv6 End User Assignments. This proposal has two purposes: to create a new policy that defines the use of new attributes in the RIPE Database and to change the policy text of ripe-481 to require the use of these new database attributes

Global Policy for IPv4 Allocation by the IANA Post Exhaustion

2010-05: This is a proposal to create a policy allowing for the allocation of IPv4 address space after the depletion of the IANA IPv4 address pool.

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