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This policy proposal has been accepted

DRAFT: IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy

End Users:
End Users are assigned an End Site assignment from their LIR or ISP. The size of the assignment is a local decision for the LIR or ISP to make, using a minimum value of a /64 (only one subnet is anticipated for the End Site).

ISPs and LIRs:
ISPs and LIRs may chose whether to make changes to their procedures for assigning address blocks to End Sites. The threshold End Site allocation efficiency level is between 20% to 50% for most ISPs and LIRs when based on a 0.94 HD Ratio. ISPs and LIRs will need to operate address plans according to this target level of End Site allocation efficiency.

The RIPE NCC will need to amend its IPv6 criteria to reflect the use of a /56 as the unit quantity in the calculation of the ISP or LIR's allocation efficiency.

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