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What training courses does the RIPE NCC offer to its members?

We provide various training courses to our members:

  • The "Local Internet Registry (LIR) Training Course" is a one-day introduction to administrative procedures and policies related to obtaining and distributing Internet resources from the RIPE NCC (i.e. IP addresses, AS Numbers, reverse DNS delegation, etc) and operating an Local Internet Registry (LIR).

  • The "Basic IPv6 Training Courseis a one-day course about the need for IPv6 and includes basic information on how to plan your deployment.

  • The “Advanced IPv6 Training Course" is a two-day course about the deployment of IPv6. Topics include IGP, BGP, security and configuration.
  • The "RIPE Database Training Course" is an introductory course to the usage of the RIPE Database. It is a practical hands-on course with exercises. It covers the RIPE Database in much greater depth than the LIR Training Course.

  • The "Routing Security Training Course" is an introductory course covering the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) usage, related tools and Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL).

  • The "DNSSEC Training Course" is an introductory, hands-on course on DNS security. It covers basic DNS theory, public key encryption basics and guides the participants in securing their domain name servers and zones.


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