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FAQ: Fees for New Members

Show or Hide answer I want to become an LIR. How much does it cost?

The cost of becoming an LIR depends on the time of year in which your application is processed. For example, if your organisation applies for membership in the second quarter, you will pay three-quarters of the annual service fee. If your organisation applies for membership in the fourth quarter, you will pay only a quarter of the annual service fee.


All new members also pay a one-time sign-up fee of € 2,000. You will be charged for this on your first invoice.

For a detailed overview of the costs involved in becoming a member, please see the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme and the RIPE NCC Billing Procedure and Fee Schedule.


Please note: The RIPE NCC will reach the last /8 of IPv4 address space in the coming months. This may affect the amount of address space assigned or allocated. When the RIPE NCC starts allocating IPv4 address space from the last /8, no new IPv4 Provider Independent (PI) space will be assigned.

More information:

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Show or Hide answer How do I pay invoices from the RIPE NCC?

We will send you the invoice by postal mail and by email in .pdf format.

  • Your payment must be in Euros (EUR).
  • We do not accept cheques.


Paying by Bank Transfer
Please make sure that you mention your payment reference (this means the customer number and your invoice number). It will help us to process your payment if you also mention your RegID with the payment reference.


Credit Card Payments

All invoices sent by email (in .pdf format) include a unique payment URL. If you click on this when you are online, a payment screen will open. You can make a credit card payment using American Express, Master Card or VISA. All credit card payments are secure.

Show or Hide answer I have paid an invoice but you say that it is still outstanding. What happened?

We may have been unable to identify your payment. To help us identify your payment, please send us proof that you made the payment. You can send this by fax to
+31 20 535 4341 or by email to billing _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

Please make sure that you include your RegID in your fax or email.

Show or Hide answer I have not paid an invoice on time. What will happen?

If you do not pay the first invoice, we will send you up to three reminders (after 30 days, 60 days and 90 days). This has no financial consequences for you. However, non-payment will delay the set up of your membership as the LIR membership for your company will only start when we receive your signed paperwork and initial payment. If the invoice remains unpaid, we will stop your application.

Show or Hide answer Can I pay the fees in installments?

We usually send an annual bill, however we can send half-yearly or quarterly invoices. You can tell us how you want to pay when you fill in your application form.

When you ask us to let you pay by installments, it will apply from the next bill that we send.

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If you would like to indicate on your website or any other publication that your organisation is a member of the RIPE NCC, please use the following graphic

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