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FAQ: LIR Admin

Show or Hide answer What is the LIR Portal?

The RIPE NCC LIR Portal allows LIRs to access RIPE NCC services through a web interface. You can log in here.

Show or Hide answer I want to assign admin privileges to more than one person. Can I do that?

Yes. Anyone with admin privileges is able to assign further privileges, including admin privileges, to other RIPE NCC Access accounts.

Show or Hide answer I don't know who in my organisation has admin privileges. Can you tell me?

If you are an LIR contact, we can tell you this information. Please send an email to [email protected].

Show or Hide answer How can we change which account receives admin privileges?

Anyone with admin privileges is able to assign further privileges, including admin privileges, to other RIPE NCC Access accounts. If no one has access, please follow this process to nominate a different RIPE NCC Access account to receive admin privileges.

Show or Hide answer How can I create a RIPE NCC Access account?

Create a RIPE NCC Access account here.

Show or Hide answer How can I change my organisation Reg-ID?

The Reg-ID is only an internal identifier and is of no value externally. Changing this identifier causes a lot of internal administrative work and can create archiving problems.

It can be difficult to track the history of a registry that has changed it's Reg-ID. It is important that the archives are in order, so that RIPE NCC staff can find all requests related to a registry even if the registry changes names several times.

Requests to make changes to your Reg-ID should be sent to [email protected].

Show or Hide answer What is a valid registry contact; who in my organisation should be a contact and how do I become a contact?

Valid registry contacts are the persons listed as "admin-c:" and "tech-c:" in the application form.

The RIPE NCC keeps a form for each registry, called a Registry File. Each registered contact must have a person object registered in the RIPE Database.

Persons that will be submitting requests for address space and AS Numbers must be registered contacts for their Registry.

If you wish to update any information in the Registry File, an email must be sent by one of the current registered contacts to: [email protected].

Information in the Registry File will only be used internally by the RIPE NCC and not stored publicly in any database.

Show or Hide answer How does one go about merging, taking over or closing an LIR?

These cases have to be treated on a case by case basis, since there are different matters that need to be taken into account, such as billing issues, address space usage, routing, new service agreement, etc.

These are examples of different scenarios:

  • Registry closes completely,
  • Registry takes over another registry and one closes,
  • Registry takes over another registry and both remain open

In these three cases, please read before contacting [email protected] for assistance.

  • Non-registry takes over a registry.

In this case, please contact [email protected] in order to discuss your specific case.

Note: Although your company name may change, you are not required to change your Reg-ID, as this is only a unique identifier within the RIPE NCC.

Show or Hide answer Where can I find more information about the RIPE NCC Assisted Registry Check?

Information regarding the RIPE NCC Assisted Registry Check can be found at:

Show or Hide answer Will I be charged more if I request additional address space?

No. The charges are fixed annual charges, based on the size category of the Local Registry. As a member of the RIPE NCC you are charged based on the services you receive from the RIPE NCC, not on the amount of addresses you obtain. For more information see the current version of the "RIPE NCC Activities, Expenditures, and Charging Scheme" located in the RIPE Document Store.

Show or Hide answer What does my member status mean?


For the first six months after signing the Standard Service Agreement, all members are assigned candidate status. During that time, members have access to all RIPE NCC Services and are welcome to attend the RIPE NCC General Meeting but are not permitted to vote.


After six months, candidate members are converted into full members and may vote during the RIPE NCC General Meeting.


The Standard Service Agreement may be terminated either by the RIPE NCC or by a member. If an agreement has been closed, it will no longer be possible to utilise any RIPE NCC Services.

Please see Closure of LIR and Deregistration of Internet Number Resources for more information.