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Middle East Governments Roundtable Meeting (Virtual), Kuwait, December 2020

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) in collaboration with the Communications and Information Technology Authority in Kuwait (CITRA) will organise the 4th Government Roundtable dedicated to Arab ICT ministries and regulators in the Middle East region under the theme: “Cooperation for better Connectivity”. This roundtable will address the key issues for the development of Internet infrastructure in the Arab countries in Middle East highlighting the new developments posed by COVID-19.

As countries struggle with overburdened healthcare systems and economies that have come to a standstill, we’ve seen a new type of challenge emerge in this modern-day pandemic response: a dramatic increase in demand for Internet connectivity. E-government services, video conferencing, online entertainment platforms and mobile applications have witnessed orders-of-magnitude growth over a very short period of time, a real test of internet stability and security in the region and around the world.

The discussion will focus on the current opportunities and challenges in the Middle East in managing Internet resources and how to adopt a collaborative approach with local stakeholders, in additional to review and discuss the latest statistics and studies put by RIPE NCC.



Welcome and Opening

Moderator: Chafic Chaya, Regional Communications Manager, RIPE NCC

  • H.E. Saleem Al-Ouzianah, Chairman and CEO, CITRA, Kuwait
  • H.E. Hamad Almansoori, General Manager, TRA, United Arab Emirates
  • Hans Petter Holen, Managing Director, RIPE NCC, the Netherlands


The RIPE NCC and Arab Governments Cooperation

  • Outcomes of Dubai Government Roundtable and RIPE NCC update
    - Chafic Chaya, Regional Communications Manager, RIPE NCC
  • GCC Internet Infrastructure: Statistics, Analysis and Trends
    - Hisham Ibrahim, Regional Program Manager, RIPE NCC
  • Open Discussion

 Internet Governance: Regulations to Support Technology

  • Digital Cooperation and Government Engagement
    - Chris Buckridge, Head of External Relations, RIPE NCC
  • Regulations to Support Technology
    - Marco Hogewoning, Manager Public Policy and Internet Governance, RIPE NCC
  • Open Discussion
13:00 Conclusion and Closing