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Action Items

                Action 19.12 on Marten Terpstra (to be taken over by NCC)
To write up the proposed "stored"/"processed" attribute.

Action 20.5 on Daniel Karrenberg
To draft outline "applications document" to support the
proposed plan on how to deal with address space requests
from VSE's

Action 20.14 on Milan Sterba
To update the Connectivity Document Store home page

Action 20.22 on Francis Dupont
To send a pointer to PIM for BSD 4.4 as soon as it is

Action 20.24 on Daniele Bovio
To set up the matrix to keep track of the RIPE meeting

Action 21.2 on Daniel Karrenberg
To put billing information in the database.

Action 21.3 on Daniel Karrenberg, Mike Norris
To draft a recommendation on charging by local IRs until

Action 21.9 on Erik-Jan Bos (Wilfried Woeber)
To update the proposal "A Multicast Router in the Rout-
ing Registry"

Action 21.10 on Erik-Jan Bos
To get in contact with Victor Reijs for a tutorial on
"IGMP over ATM" and the Terena/ATM-TF

Action 22.1 on Mike Norris and RIPE NCC
To find volunteers from the Local IR working group to
continue working on the revision of ripe-104++ without
waiting for the publication of rfc1466++.

Action 22.2 on Antonio-Blasco Bonito
To send a letter to the ISC to ask to put BIND 4.9.3 in
final so that doubts about it are solved.

Action 22.3 on Geert Jan de Groot
To recommend to the Internic not to accept unnecessary
glue records and to double checks any change to existing
glue records

Action 22.4 on Antonio-Blasco Bonito
To ask A. Romao to include a recommendation on regularly
checking zones into RFC1713,

Action 22.5 on RIPE NCC
To include some authentication mechanism into the auto-
matic reverse delegation process.

Action 22.6 on Benoit Grange
To make the sources of the ZoneCheck tool freely avail-
able by the end of 1995

Action 22.7 on Guy Davies
To organise the TLD questionnaire, submit it to the list
for review and later send it to the European TLD admins.

Action 22.8 on RIPE NCC/Merit
To make the RADB publicly available on the the RIPE FTP
server (if Merit concords)

Action 22.9 on RIPE NCC/ANS
To find a final date when to give up advisory tags.

Action 22.10 on Daniel Karrenberg
To trigger the discussion on the mailing list of the
Routing WG, which focus to choose for a future tool
development project and to come to consensus on it.

Action 22.11 on Daniel Karrenberg
Based upon the focus found in the Routing WG to prepare
a draft paper for the new project and to present it at
the next RIPE meeting in January.

Action 22.12 on David Kessens
To work with A. Blasco Bonito to improve the WAIS func-
tionality for access to the database information on

Action 22.13 on Geert-Jan de Groot
To try to follow up with the InterNIC about accepting
person objects with RIPE-Handles.

Action 22.14 on RIPE NCC
To circulate a proposal how to progress the authentica-
tion (and encryption) method for the RIPE Database.

Action 22.15 on RIPE NCC
To analyze the merits of implementing special keywords
for the subject line of update messages, like ADD, MOD,
DELETE, to possibly replace the functionality of special
mailbox names (e.g. auto-assign).

Action 22.16 on RIPE NCC
To follow up on and implement the NOC-Object.

Action 22.17 on David Kessens
To add the advisory attribute to the AS template in the
database software and change the documentation accord-

Action 22.18 on Magnus Danielson
To write up a statement which explains why a Multicast
Routing Subdomain needs to be pruning-capable and to
circulate this.

Action 22.19 on Magnus Danielson
To gather information about which version of mrouted or
the Cisco code to run in order to be pruning capable and
to include this information in the

Action 22.20 on Magnus Danielson
To come up with a proposal for monitoring (part of) the
European Mbone through SNMP.

Action 22.21 on Magnus Danielson
To find a new volunteer for recreating (and keeping up
to date) the Mbone map of Europe and its connection to
the US.

Action 22.22 on Magnus Danielson
To include a pointer to a list of maintainers of core
Mbone routers in the MBONE FAQ, until this information
is in the RIPE Database.

Action 22.23 on Magnus Danielson
To rehome the current FAQ to a machine close to his home
institution on which the maintaining of the FAQ can be