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Action Items

Action: 17.7  Wilfried Woeber, NCC
To produce the necessary documentation for the new DB

Action: 19.6 Geert Jan de Groot
To document new attribute "status" proposed to describe
whether a network is delegated, reserved or assigned.

Action: 19.7 NCC
To circulate the revised ripe-115 to the local-ir list for

Action: 19.10 Erik Jan Bos, Wilfried Woeber
Written proposal to extend the "inet-rtr" object ready
before RIPE 20.

Action: 19.11 NCC
To propose new domain object for

Action: 19.12 Marten Terpstra (to be taken over by NCC)
To write up the proposed "stored"/"processed" attribute.

Action: 19.14 Erik-Jan Bos
To write a short document describing how to use the rtr-obj
to describe location of m-routers.

Action: 20.1 Mike Norris
To flag those countries wo could do their own hostcounting
to the NCC.

Action: 20.2 Rob Blokzijl
To bring up the CERT issue during the next TERENA
Contributors Committee meeting

Action: 20.3 Rob Blokzijl
To start discussion on the IPv6 working group

Action: 20.4 Mike Norris
To send mail to the list asking for input on the content
of the training material.

Action: 20.5 Daniel Karrenberg
To draft outline "applciations document" to support the
proposed plan on how to deal with address space requests
from VSE's

Action: 20.6 Mike Norris
To recirculate to the local-ir _at_ ripe _dot_ net mailing list the
document on VSE's as drafted by Daniel Karrenberg.

Action: 20.7 Mike Norris
To circulate to the local-ir _at_ ripe _dot_ net mailing list a
summary of the meeting between the Regional Registries.

Action: 20.8 Geert Jan de Groot
To summarise the RIPE handle tool and to distribute to the
local-ir _at_ ripe _dot_ net mailing list.

Action: 20.9 RIPE NCC
To do an implementation analysis on inverse lookups in
the RIPE database.

Action: 20.10 Havard Eidnes
To write up a proposal with input from the Local-IR WG and
the EOF (European Operators Forum)

Action: 20.11 RIPE NCC
To investigate (as time permits) distribution of the domain
information in the RIPE database and to investigate a
"private" approach for referrals.

Action: 20.12 Havard Eidnes
To publish the tool to check a primary zone file against
registered domain objects, for the benefit of other top
level registrars.

Action: 20.13 Milan Sterba
To periodically send out a call to RIPE NCC contributors
to publish in the Connectivity Document Store.

Action: 20.14 Milan Starba
To update the Connectivity Document Store home page

Action: 20.15 Milan Starba
To produce a metrics sheet for the Connectivity Document Store

Action: 20.16 Marten Terpstra
To forward the new NACR procedure to the routing-wg
mailing list

jAction: 20.17 Merit
To announce on the routing-wg mailing list when NACRs will
stop being accepted

Action: 20.18 RIPE NCC
To compare the AS690 routing information for European
routes as stored in the Merit RADB with the information on
the RIPE DB and report on mismatches

Action: 20.19 RIPE NCC
To preload the advisory attribute from information in the
Merit RADB shortly before Merit retires the PRDB.

Action: 20.20 Merit
To keep the RIPE community up-to-date on the transition
process through the routing-wg mailing list.

Action: 20.21 Herman van Dompseler
To produce (and maintain) an European Mbone map.

Action: 20.22 Francis Dupont
To send a pointer to PIM for BSD 4.4 as soon as it is

Action: 20.23 Nandor Horvath
To inform the NIDUS working group about the decision
that it had been disbanded.

Action: 20.24 Daniele Bovio
To set up the matrix to keep track of the RIPE meeting