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Composition and Roles

The RIPE Programme Committee (PC) composition and roles

The RIPE Programme Committee (PC) is responsible for:

  • ensuring that the RIPE Meeting programme consists of interesting, relevant and inspiring content
  • planning and all content at RIPE Meetings other than RIPE Working Groups (WG)
  • the timely publication of the RIPE Meeting agenda.

The Programme Committee works by consensus.

The PC will consist of up to twelve appointed individuals:

  1. Eight community representatives selected by participants at-large at RIPE Meetings;
  2. One appointed by the WG Chairs;
  3. One appointed by the MENOG Programme Committee;
  4. One appointed by the ENOG Programme Committee
  5. One appointed by the SEE Programme Committee;
  6. One appointed by the local host, where appropriate.

The member selected by the RIPE WG Chairs will be the liaison between the RIPE WG Chairs, the RIPE PC and the RIPE Chairman.

Those selected by the Network Operating Groups (NOGs) act as liaisons between their own Programme Committees and the RIPE PC, and also represent their region generally.

A local host representative may be co-opted by the PC in consultation with the organisation hosting a RIPE Meeting. They should be well known to the local community and provide a liaison between them and the PC.

The PC has the discretion to co-opt individuals whenever expert or local knowledge would help to plan the agenda for a RIPE Meeting. Such individuals co-opted on to the PC serve only until the meeting that required their co-option takes place.

The PC members select a Chair who will oversee the work of the PC: scheduling its meetings, issuing calls for papers, co-opting members, etc.

The RIPE NCC appoints a permanent, non-voting observer to the PC to provide any co-ordination functions which may be required.

The PC members also select up to two Vice Chairs who aid the Chair as necessary.

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