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Call for RIPE 78 Host

Do you want to host RIPE 78 on 13-17 May 2019?

A RIPE Meeting is a five-day event where Internet industry experts, Internet service providers (ISPs), network operators and other interested parties from all over the world gather.

When a RIPE Meeting takes place outside of the Netherlands, the RIPE NCC is dependent on a local host. While this is quite an undertaking, the exposure that the Host will receive and the benefit of the support they provide to the RIPE community should far outweigh their efforts. Our Host is expected to provide general support during both the preparation and delivery of the RIPE Meeting. This includes providing:

  • Internet connectivity (minimum 300 Mbps, ideally 1 Gbps) to the meeting venue
  • Help in scouting for the meeting and social event venues
  • Administrative support – for example visa invitation letters for participants
  • Some on-site technical and registration desk support during the meeting
  • Assistance in finding local sponsors
  • Optional: Host a social evening on Tuesday or sponsor the Welcome Reception on Monday (EUR 20,000)

For further details, please refer to the description of RIPE Meeting Host Requirements.

Benefits of Hosting a RIPE Meeting

Hosting a RIPE Meeting provides your organisation with excellent visibility to the RIPE community. It will be made very clear to the RIPE community, from the onset of your organisation being approved as Host, that you are playing a vital role in the RIPE Meeting. Your organisation's name will be mentioned in meeting announcements, as well as the opening and closing plenary of the meeting. Your organisation will also be given the opportunity to make a 5 to 10 minute welcome speech during the opening plenary. Your logo will be prominently displayed on the RIPE Meeting website, in printed meeting material, on the participant badge, on-site banners and in the daily meeting reports.


If you'd like to host a RIPE Meeting, please email us at meeting _at_ ripe _dot_ net. Any organisation may submit a proposal to host. Your host proposal should be as detailed as possible and we require the following information from you:

  • The name of your organisation and a short motivation text explaining why you would like to become a RIPE Meeting Host
  • The city in which you are proposing to host the meeting
  • Information on any requirements, laws, policies (etc.) operative in the proposed meeting location that might affect the meeting or its organisation. For example, you must let us know about any special visa requirements, any permits we would need to obtain to hold a meeting in the proposed location, and so on. This information will be helpful to us in assessing your proposal.
  • Some highlights of the proposed city and why RIPE Meeting attendees might wish to visit it
  • If known, an outline of how you propose to arrange connectivity to the meeting venue
  • A list of three to four suitable hotels that have availability during the proposed dates and the week end before (10, 11 and 12 May 2019), as well as:
    • A plenary room of at least 700 seats “theatre-style”
    • A breakout room of at least 300 seats “theatre-style”
    • A breakout room of at least 150 seats “theatre-style”
    • A coffee break area for 500 people
    • A restaurant (or restaurants) that can host seated lunch for 450 people
    • Two boardrooms for 30-35 people
    • Four boardrooms for 10-25 people
    • At least 260 standard guest rooms

Please also indicate how far each of these hotels are from your main international airport.

For further details, please refer to the description of RIPE Meeting Hotel Requirements.

You are also invited to provide any additional information that you think would support your proposal to host a RIPE Meeting.

What Happens Next?

The call for proposals closes on 18 August 2017. We will consider all proposals submitted to us before this date.

As part of the RIPE Meeting location selection process, we may ask you follow-up questions that will help the RIPE Chair make the best final decision.

If you have any queries about hosting a RIPE Meeting, please contact meeting _at_ ripe _dot_ net.