How to Participate

How to Use Meetecho

By clicking on your unique link, you will enter the platform as a ‘Participant’ with the name you entered during registration. There is no client to install. Meetecho can be used directly on any desktop WebRTC-enabled web browser. Many Meetecho features are available on mobile browsers that support WebRTC, but a mobile-friendly user interface is still in development. Screen sharing is not supported on mobile devices.

You can also leave the meeting at any time and join it again later by using the same link you received by email.

The platform will allow you to:

  • View the presentations
  • View the live transcription
  • Use the chat (and also send 1:1 messages)
  • Ask questions using the microphone and video
  • Ask questions in writing
  • Participate in polls

Please avoid using Safari to run Meetecho if possible as some features might not function as expected.

How to Ask a Question

There are two ways to ask questions at SEE 9:

  1. Virtual Mic: Request the floor by clicking on the microphone or camera icon. The session chair will grant you audio and video at the right moment, so you can ask your question and/or make a comment. Remember to mute your microphone and disable your video (if applicable) after asking the question to avoid interference from background noise. Always state your name and affiliation before asking a question.
  2. Q&A: If you prefer to ask your question in writing, click the Q&A icon in the menu bar and then click the ‘Ask’ button to write a question. The session chair will read your question out loud when the time is right.

You need to register for the meeting and use the Meetecho platform to ask questions. You will receive a unique link to access Meetecho via email.

How to Network

You might not be meeting your fellow attendees in person, but you can still network effectively:

  • SpatialChat:

SpatialChat is our virtual ‘coffee break’ area! Use it exactly like you would at a physical meeting and continue discussions with fellow SEE 9 participants.

It’s open from Tuesday, 28 September at 10:00 UTC+2.

Join us after the meeting to continue the discussion on SpatialChat here.
Password: SEE9Networking

Any contact details shared are intended to enhance networking opportunities between attendees and should not be used for commercial purposes.