SEE 6 Call for Host

Could you host SEE 6 from 12-13 June 2017?

The South-East Europe (SEE) RIPE NCC Regional Meeting is a two-day event where Internet professionals from South-East Europe discuss core operational issues and encourage regional cooperation. The meeting is open to anyone and there is no cost to attend.

As the SEE Meetings take place outside of the Netherlands, the RIPE NCC is dependent on a local host. We need the Host to support the organisation and delivery of the meeting. It's a big commitment, but the positive exposure of the host to the RIPE community makes it worthwhile.

Host responsibilities include:

  • assistance in finding a venue for the meeting, preferably in a hotel, for 250-300 participants
  • assistance in finding a suitable venue for an evening social event with dinner
  • provision of Internet connectivity (minimum 250 Mbps) to the meeting venue with a
    sufficient number of wireless access points (this can be sponsored)
  • assistance in finding suitable local sponsors for the event
  • invitation to local government officials
  • local support before and during the event
  • local PR for the event (via local press and appropriate mailing lists. This should be done in close cooperation with the SEE organisational team)
  • assistance in finding local representatives to present at and participate in the meeting
  • support in providing invitation letters for visas for participants when needed
  • assistance in finding a suitable webcast service for the event
  • assistance in finding a photographer for the event
  • assistance with printed material for the event (this should be done locally, however the RIPE NCC will provide all the documents in required format)
  • provision of three (3) staff members to assist with registration and other duties during the meeting

Benefits of Hosting a SEE Meeting

Hosting a SEE Meeting provides your organisation with excellent visibility to the RIPE community. It will be made very clear to the RIPE community, from the onset of your organisation being approved as Host, that you are playing a vital role in the SEE Meeting. Your organisation's name will be mentioned in meeting announcements, as well as the opening and closing plenary of the meeting. Your logo will be prominently displayed on the SEE Meeting website, in printed meeting material, on the participant badges, on banners on-site and in the daily meeting reports.


If you'd like to host a SEE Meeting, please send us an email.

Your host proposal should be as detailed as possible. We require the following information from you:

  • The name of your organisation and a short explanation of why you would like to become a SEE Meeting Host
  • Which city you are proposing to host the meeting in
  • Some highlights of the proposed city
  • If known, an outline of how you propose to arrange Internet connectivity to the meeting venue
  • A list of two to three suitable hotels that have availability during the proposed dates, as well as:
    • A plenary room with capacity for at least 250 seats, preferably “classroom-style” for the two days of the meeting
    • Two breakout rooms that can fit 50 people “classroom-style” for the first day of the meeting
    • A coffee break area for 200 people as well as four stands
    • A restaurant (or restaurants) that can host a seated lunch for 200 people

Please also indicate how far each of these hotels are from your main international airport.

For further details, please refer to the description of SEE Meeting Hotel Requirements.

You are also invited to provide any additional information that you think would support your proposal to host a SEE Meeting.

What Happens Next?

The call for proposals closes on 14 March 2016. We will consider all proposals submitted to us before this date.

We may have follow-up questions for you, to help us make the best decision.

If you have any queries about hosting a SEE Meeting, please contact us via email.