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From the airport to city centre

    • By Taxi

You can catch a taxi outside the airport or you can reserve one by calling +389 70 813 037

Airport - Skopje: 1,220 denars (EUR 20)

    • By Bus

Bus timetable

One-way ticket price: 100 denars (EUR 1.60).

Skopje and Macedonia

What the Lonely Planet says about Macedonia:

Mountainous Macedonia still has an air of mystery to it. Simultaneously ancient and brand new, it's struggling to find its place in the post-communist world. Black-clad Orthodox monks are just as much a part of this renewal as the hordes of teenagers, bedecked in the latest Italian fashions, sipping coffee in the stylish bars of the capital.

For outdoors types it's a paradise. Its extensive wilderness allows ample opportunities for hikers, mountain climbers and skiers. Try the stunning Mavrovo National Park in Western Macedonia for the country's best skiing and some unforgettable alpine views. Meanwhile, ancient ruins will fascinate anyone with even a smidgen of interest in history, as will the amazing Sveti Naum monastery. The culturally-rich town of Ohrid is one of Macedonia's highlights, with its beautiful lake and spiritual significance; capital Skopje is a buzzing place where Eastern European stereotypes and unexpected attractions coexist with intriguing results. In short, for a little place it's crammed with something for just about everyone.

Quite apart from Macedonia's spectacular peaks, lakes and rivers, it's the hospitality of the people of this most southern of Slavic nations that will make your visit truly memorable.

More information about Macedonia is available on Lonely Planet.

About Skopje:

Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia is an important, strategic centre in the Balkans because it links the east to the west, the north to the south. It is the seat of the Macedonian Government and Parliament.

Skopje fits many of the stereotypes of a contemporary Eastern European city. Communist-era housing blocks dominate the skyline, public buildings are chunky behemoths, and there's a certain greyness and griminess that pervades. However, scratch the surface and a different Skopje reveals itself. Delicate minarets rise above the cobbled lanes of the Čaršija (Turkish bazaar), where Orthodox churches sit alongside copper-domed bathhouses and historic Ottoman trading inns.

The Vardar is no sluggish stream. It rages between the old and new halves of the city – a fitting symbol of the Muslim and Orthodox divide – spanned by the elegant arches of the Kamen Most (Stone Bridge). On the south side, stylish bars and cafés buzz with a fashion-conscious young crowd, undisturbed by the English stag-partiers currently plaguing other European capitals. Foodies won't be disappointed by the traditional cuisine on offer in a number of atmospheric little eateries, nor the selection of excellent local wines. Likewise, history buffs and art-lovers will find their palates well served.

Skopje is a city that is thousands of years old and which bears the burden of a turbulent history. At the same time it's a modern capital that offers rich cultural and natural attractions and an outstanding experience of the Balkan life.

Currency, electricity, telephones and other practical information

The official currency is the Macedonian denar

EUR 1 = 61.50 denars

Electric current in Macedonia

220 volts, 50 hertz

Time Zone

Central European time (GMT + 1)


The climate is modified continental with certain Mediterranean influences.

Average temperature: 13.5°C/56°F

Emergency numbers


Tourist information

Tourist Information Office

Address: Krusevska, Off Blvd Goce Delcev in the Old Bazzar

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00-18:00 and Saturday 9:00-17:00

Tel: +389 2 31 16 854

The New Skopje City Map is widely available at various newsagents and some hotels

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