Activities & Sightseeing

Attractions in Tehran include:

Golestan Palace - a beautiful palace in Tehran that reflects the glories of the Qajar rulers. There are several grand buildings set around a beautiful garden and a separate ticket is required for each building.

Treasury of National Jewels - situated on Ferdosi Street and open from 2PM-4:30PM on Saturday to Tuesday. The treasury is one of the most dazzling collections of gemstones and jewellery in the world. Marvel at the splendour surrounding the shahs of ancient Persia.

Darakeh and Darband - flee the traffic fumes for the foothills of the Alborz Mountains and the walking trails of Darakeh and Darband, passing waterfalls and crossing streams while heading up into the hills. Darband also has a ski lift, with tickets costing approximately 1 EUR for a single ticket and 3 EUR for a round trip.

The Sa'dabad Palace - set on spectacular mountainside parkland, this complex was a royal summer home during the Pahlavi period. 18 building house museums are dedicated to a variety of subjects, including royal automobiles and royal dishware!

National Museum of Iran a modest museum full of Iran's rich history.

Tehran Bazaar - a maze of bustling alleys where you can buy various wares. Try to visit in the morning - it can get extremely busy by lunchtime. The main entrance is on 15 Khordad Avenue.

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art - A striking modernist building constructed
during the Shah's rush to build modern landmarks in the 1970s.

Niavaran Palace Complex - consists of several buildings and a museum. The Sahebqaraniyeh Palace from the time of Nasir al-Din Shah of the Qajar dynasty is also inside this complex.