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Activities and Sightseeing

Up-to-date tourist information is available on the Almaty Tourism Website. There are a variety of Museums in Kazakhstan. Other attractions include:

  • The Kazakhstan English Language Theater (KELT) is the only English language theater in former-Soviet Central Asia. KELT performs two shows a year and is located on the campus of KIMEP Institute in the heart of Almaty.
  • The Presidential Palace
    You will not be allowed to go inside, but the scenery and architecture is breathtaking. If the guards are in front of the building, it means the President is there.
  • The 28 Panfilov Heroes Memorial Park, a beautiful park in the center of the city, featuring Soviet-era architecture and Cathedral.
  • Republic Square/New Square, Almaty's main square, the largest and most beautiful in the city.
  • The Rahat Chocolate Factory – tours are available. This is situated by the Panfilov Park.
  • Medeu, a sports complex situated high in the mountains that also offers an ice-skating rink.
  • Kok Tobe ("Green Hill"), the highest point of the city of Almaty.
  • Ski or snowboard at Chimbulak, Ak-Bulak and Tabagan ski resorts.
  • Ride a bicycle. Rentals are available at "External" stores.
  • If you are willing to drive for three hours, you can see the famous Charyn canyon and the gorgeous red and orange sandstone layers. The "Singing Dunes" are also not too far from here - combine both attractions within a spectacular day trip.
  • Dance in a various city's nightclubs and bars. Sit at a table and get a receipt for all your drinks at the end – do not pay as you order.
  • Relax at Tau Spa is up in the mountains and is worth a visit summer or winter. Try the plunge pool at -15 degrees!
  • Visit the Green Market, an indoor/outdoor labyrinth of stalls selling everything from homemade goat cheese to Korean salads to hand-knit woolen mittens and socks. We advise taking extra precautions with your money and valuables, as this is a popular area for pickpockets.
  • Pack a picnic and drive 2 hours out to the Tamgaly petroglyphs (about 30 km past Copa off the road to Bishkek). The famous "Sunman" is worth the drive.
  • Visit Arasan Banya, public baths/sauna centre, also featuring masseuses on-site for an extra fee, if you really want to relax.