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FAQ: Regional Meetings

Show or Hide answer What is a RIPE NCC Regional Meeting?

The RIPE NCC Regional Meetings provide a forum for RIPE NCC members, local governments, key players in the local and global Internet industry and RIPE NCC staff to discuss Internet issues relevant to a specific region. Find out more about Regional Meetings.

Show or Hide answer Why are Regional Meetings held?

Regional Meetings help the RIPE NCC learn about the issues that affect its members and industry organisations in a particular geographical region and gain valuable feedback about its services and activities.

In addition to the discussion of important local issues, attendees are shown how they can influence the RIPE Policy Development Process and the RIPE NCC’s activities, as well as how they can take part in RIPE Working Groups.

Show or Hide answer Where are Regional Meetings held?

Regional Meetings can be held anywhere in the RIPE NCC Service Region. Previous meetings have been held in Russia, the Middle East and Africa. If you think a Regional Meeting should be held in your region, contact:

Show or Hide answer Who can attend a Regional Meeting?

Anyone can attend a Regional Meeting. You do not have to be a RIPE NCC member to attend. However, you must register online prior to the meeting.

Show or Hide answer How much does it cost to attend a Regional Meeting?

Regional Meetings are free of charge. However, attendees are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.

Show or Hide answer What can I expect from a Regional Meeting?

The meeting agenda usually includes:

  • Presentations on local/regional Internet issues
  • Presentations about issues affecting the Internet on a global level
  • An introduction to RIPE, the RIPE Policy Development Process, the RIPE community and RIPE Working Groups
  • An introduction to the RIPE NCC and an overview of its current activities and services
  • Optional RIPE NCC training seminars

See the agendas of previous Regional Meetings for an overview of presentations.

You will also have the opportunity to speak to representatives from local and global industry organisations and RIPE NCC staff members.

Networking is a key part of Regional Meetings and ample time is built into the agenda for you to meet and discuss common issues with counterparts in your region.

Show or Hide answer Can my organisation host and/or sponsor a Regional Meeting?

Yes. The RIPE NCC always welcome offers to host or sponsor Regional Meetings. For more information please contact us at:

Show or Hide answer How can I give a presentation at a Regional Meeting?

For any upcoming Regional Meetings, please submit an overview of your idea or your presentation, in English, to:

Show or Hide answer Do I need to give my presentation in English?

Depending on where the Regional Meeting is held, it may not always be necessary to give your presentation in English. Please check the details for each specific meeting.

Show or Hide answer How can I find out more information?

If you need more information, please contact: