Internet Measurement Day: Serbia


Introduction and Agenda Review

  • Hisham Ibrahim, RIPE NCC
  • Andrea Beccalli, ICANN
  • Zoran Perović, Serbian Open eXchange (SOX)
00:11:00 RIPEstat, Christian Teuschel, RIPE NCC 
00:29:00 RPKI, Nathalie Treneman, RIPE NCC
00:55:24 Routing Information Service (RIS), Michela Galante, RIPE NCC
01:12:50 RIPE Atlas, Michela Galante and Jelena Cosic, RIPE NCC
01:45:57 ITHI, Andrea Beccalli, ICANN
02:02:30 Serbian DNS Recursive Traffic Behaviors, John Todd, Quad9
02:21:57 SOX View on Serbian Internet, Dr. Nenad Krajnović, SOX
02:41:10 RATEL View on Serbian Internet, Vesna Krzman, RATEL
02:53:12 Utilisation of the .rs Domain Names, Žarko Kecić, CTO
03:09:36 A Spotlight on Serbia Using Shadowserver Datasets, Johnathan
Flaherty, Shadowserver
03:28:05 Software Systems for Surveying Spoofing Susceptibility, Matthew
03:43:24 Closing Remarks, Gergana Petrova, RIPE NCC 

About the Internet Measurement Day: Serbia 

The Internet Measurement Day is a series of events organised by the RIPE NCC and ICANN promoting Internet measurement tools to local communities across the RIPE NCC service region.

During the event, network operators, ccTLDs, researchers, regulators and other stakeholders shared experiences, tools and best practices on how to measure the Internet.

The tools discussed included RIPE Atlas, the Identifier Technology Health Indicators (ITHI Metrics), Routing Information System (RIS), Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) and the RIPE NCC’s open data platform RIPEstat.

This virtual meeting took place online on Tuesday 13 September 2022 from 09:00 till 13:00 Serbian local time (UTC+2).