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RIPE NCC General Meeting September 2004

The RIPE NCC General Meeting September 2004 was held Friday, 24 September 2004, adjacent to the RIPE 49 Meeting, at the Renaissance Hotel, Manchester, the United Kingdom.

There were 39 attendees excluding RIPE NCC staff and observers from the other Regional Internet Registries.

The RIPE NCC members unanimously approved the Charging Scheme 2005.

Upon approval by the RIPE NCC Executive Board the minutes from the General Meeting will be published on the RIPE NCC web site.

The RIPE NCC would like to thank its membership for its input and support given at the General Meeting.

Important Dates

26 August 2004 Registration Opens
10 September 2004 Submission Deadline for Proposed Resolutions
24 September 2004 General Meeting September 2004