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These were the presentations given at the RIPE NCC General Meeting October 2009.

To download the presentations, click on the title of the talk. These are in .pdf format. You may need to install Version 6, or later, of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the files.

Update from the RIPE NCC - PDF 3.2MB
Axel Pawlik
The RIPE NCC reporting for the General Meeting was presented in the RIPE NCC Services Working Group, which took place on 7 October 2009 from 16:00-17:30. The RIPE NCC reports were not repeated in the members-only section of the General Meeting.

RIPE NCC Executive Board Report - PDF 236KB
Nigel Titley

Draft RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2010 - PDF 328KB
Jochem de Ruig

Review of Membership Developments - PDF 544KB
Jochem de Ruig

RIPE NCC Budget 2010 - PDF 656KB
Axel Pawlik and Jochem de Ruig

Changes to RIPE NCC Articles of Association - PDF 140KB
Jochem de Ruig

If you have further questions about this GM, please send an email to agm _at_ ripe _dot_ net.