You need to log in to the LIR Portal and go to the GM Preferences page to register for the General Meeting. Once you log in, you can select both your attendance and voting options from the same page.

Registration Steps

  1. Log into the LIR Portal
  2. Click the GM Preferences link.
  3. Select the membership organisation(s) that you will represent and which will be published on the attendee list
  4. Choose whether you will attend in person or participate remotely
  5. Choose whether you want printed GM materials on the day of the meeting (attendees only)
  6. Choose whether you will vote by paper ballot (attendees only) or electronically (attendees and remote participants)
  7. Confirm registration
  • 5 Oct – Open registration for General Meeting
  • 5 Oct – Open voting registration
  • 21 Oct – Publish all GM documents, including Draft Activity Plan and Budget 2016
  • 4 Nov – Deadline for proxy vote nominations
  • 4 Nov – Deadline for members to propose nominations
  • 4 Nov – Deadline to publish final GM agenda
  • 18 Nov – Close registration for electronic voting (16:00 UTC+2)
  • 18 Nov – GM begins with main meeting
  • 20 Nov – GM closes with vote results announcement