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Call for Volunteers for RIPE NCC Arbiters Panel

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The RIPE NCC Executive Board is seeking volunteers to join the Arbiters Panel in accordance with the requirements of the RIPE NCC Conflict Arbitration Procedure and the RIPE NCC Articles of Association.

Wilfried Woeber and Pierre Baume have recently resigned from their positions as arbiters.

The following eight people currently make up the panel of arbiters:

  • Nick Williams
  • Kurt Kayser
  • Jaap Akkerhuis
  • Keith Mitchell
  • Alireza Ghafarallahi
  • David Freedman
  • James Hickman
  • Ondřej Surý
Ondřej Surý

The Executive Board is asking for volunteers to take seats on the Arbiters Panel. The Executive Board will then appoint several arbiters, depending on the number of volunteers. These appointments will be presented to the RIPE NCC General Meeting on 16 May 2018 for approval by the membership.

More information on the Conflict Arbitration Procedure, including the requirements to be an arbiter, is online.

How to Volunteer

To volunteer to be a member of the Arbiters Panel, please email the RIPE NCC by 4 April 2018 with the following fields filled in:





Declaration of interests:

[Please list all functions or past functions that may cause a conflict of interest with a possible party (for example, shareholder in a Member organisation)]

The Executive Board will then meet to appoint arbiters for the RIPE NCC membership's consideration.


  • 7 March - Call for nominations to RIPE NCC Executive Board
  • 11 April - Publish all GM documents, including RIPE NCC Annual Report and Financial Report 2017
  • 25 April - Close nominations for Executive Board elections
  • 2 May - Deadline for proxy vote nominations
  • 2 May - Deadline for members to propose resolutions
  • 2 May - Deadline to publish final GM agenda
  • 16 May - Close registration for electronic voting
  • 16 May - GM begins with main meeting
  • 23 May - GM closes with announcement of voting results