General questions on the voting procedure
Show or Hide answer What has changed in the GM voting process?

RIPE NCC members are able to vote for the RIPE NCC Executive Board elections by means of electronic voting. You do not need to physically attend to the GM in order to vote. The RIPE NCC Articles of Association, which now include provisions to allow electronic voting, were approved.

Show or Hide answer Why has the voting process changed?

The voting process was changed to increase the involvement of RIPE NCC members in the RIPE NCC Executive Board elections.

Show or Hide answer How can I cast my vote electronically?

The first step is to register the administrative contact person of your LIR for electronic voting (see Registration section below). The second step is to send the proof of identity to the RIPE NCC. You can do so by sending it by email to or by fax to +31205354445. Note that you must perform both steps by 20 April 2011. If you have not registered before this date, you will not be able to vote electronically in the Executive Board elections on 4 May 2011.

NOTE: If you submitted a passport or ID for the May 2010 Executive Board elections and completed the registration process, you only need to email to let the RIPE NCC know this. The RIPE NCC has a record of those who were entitled to vote in 2010, so it is not necessary for these people to send their identification again.

Show or Hide answer Can I vote electronically on resolutions to be passed during the GM?

No. The electronic voting facility is only available for the Executive Board elections. Voting on resolutions will be carried out using the traditional paper ballot system used at previous GMs.

Show or Hide answer Can I still vote in the Executive Board elections if I do not register by 20 April?

If you have not registered for electronic voting by 20 April 2011, you cannot cast your vote electronically. However, you can vote by paper ballot if you attend the GM. In order to attend the GM, you must register to attend. To register to attend the GM, go to the Registration link on the GM pages.

Show or Hide answer I cannot attend the GM but I would like to vote in the Executive Board elections. Can I do this?

Yes. You can do this either by registering for electronic voting (see Registration section below) or you can give another person the right to represent you with a proxy vote. Information is available on how to nominate a proxy voter.

Show or Hide answer What equipment do I need to vote electronically?

You will need a computer and Internet connectivity that allows you to access your email account and the BigPulse application.

Show or Hide answer Who should I contact if I have any questions concerning the elections?

Please contact the RIPE NCC at

  • 9 March - Call for nominations for RIPE NCC Executive Board
  • 23 March - GM registration opens
  • 23 March - Draft agenda and proposed resolutions posted online
  • 13 April - Deadline for nominations to Executive Board
  • 20 April - Submission deadline for proposed resolutions
  • 20 April - Online registration for GM closes
  • 20 April - Proxy forms must be received by the RIPE NCC
  • 4 May - RIPE NCC General Meeting