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Confirmed Candidates

Candidates for the Executive Board were nominated according to article 9 of the RIPE NCC Articles of Association.

Voting for the appointment of two RIPE NCC Executive Board members will take place at the upcoming General Meeting. The vacant seats are is for three-year terms.

The following candidates were confirmed (listed alphabetically):

Remco van Mook | Biography

Country of residence: NL
Organisation: Equinix

Email Address: remco.vanmook _at_ gmail _dot_ com

Postal Address:
Rozebotteltuin 29
7433 CW Schalkhaar
The Netherlands

Nigel Titley | Biography

Country of residence:UK
Organisation: Easynet Ltd

Email Address: ntitley _at_ flagtelecom _dot_ com
Postal Address:

Chancellor House
Thomas More St,
London E1W 1YY

János Zsakó | Biography

Country of residence: HU
Organisation: 3C Ltd

Email Address: zsako _at_ 3c-hungary _dot_ hu
Postal Address:
1121 Budapest
Konkoly Thege ut 29-33