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Executive Board Election

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The terms of Kees Neggers and Nigel Titley expire on 1 November 2002. Candidates for the Executive Board have been nominated according to article [7] of the RIPE NCC Articles of Association.

A nomination for the appointment of a member of the executive board shall need the written support of at least five members.

A list of candidates is posted below:

Name of Nominee: Manfredo Miserocchi
Country of residence: IT
Organisation: Atragon s.r.l.
Email Address: mis _at_ atragon _dot_ net
Postal Address: Atragon s.r.l.
c/o MBE, Via Agnelli, 27
I-26900 Lodi

Name of Nominee: Nigel Titley
Country of residence: UK
Organisation: PacketExchange Ltd
Email Address: nigel _at_ packetexchange _dot_ net
Postal Address: TBA

Name of Nominee: Kees Neggers
Country of residence: NL
Organisation: SURFnet
Email Address: kees.neggers _at_ surfnet _dot_ nl
Postal Address: TBA

Biographical information:

Manfredo Miserocchi:

degree in Law in 1982, Business Unit Manager of INA S.p.A. (biggest italian insurance company) in 1990, CEO of Andromeda S.a.s. (networking company) in 1995 and now CEO of Atragon s.r.l. (LIR and outsourcing network company) since 1999. He became C++ programmer, Network Engineer and so he set up it.atragon LIR in 1999.

Now he's involved in network and information security projects. He is RSA SecureID and BSafe certified Engineer and he attended to all RIPE Meetings from 37 to 43. He attended also to LIR course in Lisbon in 2000.

Nigel Titley:

I graduated in 1977 from Oxford University with a degree in Engineering Science and Economics. From there I went to British Telecom, where I worked for 24 years on a variety of projects, ranging from ISDN standards specification, through design of embedded microprocessor systems and finally to IP, Internet and running the BT corporate LIR. I was one of the team that designed and operated BTnet and the Concert pan-European network. I went to work for Level 3 when they launched their European network. I left Level 3 to help found PacketExchange, which provides layer 2 ethernet services to the industry.

I am an active hostmaster, and am able to observe first-hand the performance of the RIPE NCC. I was one of the founder members of LINX and have remained on the Board of LINX since its foundation (8 years). I am co-chair of the RIPE Database Working group.

I was elected to the RIPE NCC board 4 years ago, and am now standing for re-election, having devoted a great deal of time over the past 4 years in helping to ensure that the RIPE NCC operates in a stable, transparent and effective fashion.

Kees Neggers:

Kees Neggers is Managing Director of SURFnet, the national network for research and higher education in the Netherlands and is responsible for the Network part of the GigaPort project.

He is active in international research networking since 1984 and played major roles in several initiatives to improve the organizational set-up of research networking in Europe and to advance the quality of the pan-European networking infrastructure.

He has been serving in many Boards of international networking organizations. Currently he is a member of the Internet Society Board of Trustees and>Chairman of the Ripe NCC Executive Board.