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[atlas] Invalid results in TraceMON tool

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Andreas Siskos

2020-09-09 13:09:11 CET

Hello everyone,

I am an undergraduate student at University of Crete and as a part of my
bachelor thesis, I am trying to integrate TraceMON

in a website. I used the example code that it was provided by the web page
of TraceMON in RIPE Atlas website (, but I noticed something
unexpected. The graph of the TraceMON was not taking the same path as the
raw data of traceroutes. There were the right destinations/IPs, but in
shuffled order.

Let's consider the example of measurement ID 26813196.

As you can see, in the raw data of the traceroute (, it reaches
the target IP ( at 16th hop from probe 55564.

When I checked the graph in TraceMON on the RIPE Atlas website (!tracemon) (see attached:
general.png), the traceroute from probe 55564 was represented in the
picture graph.png. As you can see in the data file data.png, the
destination IP was reached at 3rd hop instead of 16th, that was in the raw
data of the traceroute. The same behavior can be observed for the probes
19648 and 32788.

Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance,

Andreas Siskos